Pocket Places

What are Pocket Places?

Pocket Places are unused or poorly used pockets of spaces that have the potential to be transformed into more welcoming, people friendly and vibrant community spaces.

Where are they?

The project ‘Pocket Places Southend on Sea’ will look at unused/poorly used public spaces along Queensway and London road between Southend Victoria Station and Nazareth House/ Brighten Road.  If there are any such spaces in this region that you would like to be considered let me know. Some of them that I have identified speaking to people out and about in the area include the following:

2013-02-11 14.16.02

Victoria Gateway.
This vast space outside Victoria station is a great place to start!
We went around talking to people a few weeks back and found out that many of you live nearby, many more cross this often on your way to the station/high street/work etc. So, can we make this more welcoming, attractive and useful to you?

2013-02-11 14.19.44

What about this space opposite the station? Have you stood here waiting for the lights to change and wondered if there could have been more than just two benches in this lovely space?

2013-02-19 10.26.12

Do you cross this big green belt on Queensway to get to the backside of Sainsbury / highstreet? Wondering if this could be made easier or if we could do more in the wide green space between the dual carriage way?

2013-02-19 10.27.31

This little green space at the junction of Boston Avenue and Queensway can do with some sprucing up as well! Do you have any ideas in mind?

2013-02-19 10.20.01

This bit of London Road, just before the roundabout, also has pockets of unused spaces among the many  shops, cafes/pubs, car showroom, bus stops etc. Are there any that you have identified for potential improvement?

What can we do in these Pocket Places?

Just about anything that will make them more of a community space! Share all your ideas big or small and we will trial them.

Pocket Places for People, Southend on Sea is supported by HealthStrength and Southend on Sea Borough Council

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8 thoughts on “Pocket Places

    • Brilliant! Thanks for coming forward. We most definitely will have a function for your art work- anything that adds life, colour and character to these spaces is functional. Do join us at future events to share your ideas with everyone. I will post about the events here and on our facebook and twitter pages. Many thanks.

  1. All spaces should be filled with greenery – there is too much paving and concrete in Southend. Bees, so essential for our food, are in dangerous decline, so these places could be planted with wildlife friendly plants, to make bee corridors across the borough.

    • Hi Trisha, thank you for sharing your ideas. Being able to embrace and support nature in the way that it forever has supported us must be high on everyone’s agenda. Yay for more greenery!

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