Ideas mapped

The rain poured down but so did amazing ideas for pocket places on the day of our Re-imagining spaces workshop. Thanks everyone for making the workshop so successful- joining us under the gazebo for a hot cuppa and some very interesting conversations.

Together we re-imagined the many pocket places in the project area, made new connections and pinned possible low cost interventions on the project area map and photos.


Friends running into to each other at our workshop and sharing ideas for the project and some great stories about their friendship!


What do you get when you put those who have grown up in Southend and those who are going to under the same gazebo? Some amazing ideas that will tie the past, present and the future!


Sara: I sell homemade chocolates!
Chay: Really?! I love homemade chocolate.
Sara: I cross this place all the time.
Chay: I live around the corner.
Sara: Here is my card.
Krithika: And that’s why I love streets! This just became a POCKET PLACE


Lesley lives in the project area and is keen on sharing with us her experience of it and suggestions. Do you live here/cross this place? Why not get involved in this exciting process!


Colourful postages, stickers and drawings that transformed the project area map! Can’t wait till these ideas transform the actual spaces.



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