Design directions

Hello all you lovely Southenders! What a great summer this is turning out to be! The village green was absolutely amazing and so was our ‘ new vision workshop’ thanks to all of you who found the time to come share your views with us. Those of you who couldn’t make it on that day, I understand- there was just so much going on there! This does not mean you cannot be a part of this great project.There will be plenty of more events coming up. Make sure you come along to next one.

Big thanks to my friends and colleagues from Cycle Southend for sharing the marquee with us and the fun of charging bikes and running on the human hamster wheel.

Here is a quick glimpse of the workshop :


‘New vision drop in workshop’ at the Big Charge marquee @ Village green.


Amazing atmosphere inside the marquee


……………..and outside


Lots of discussions sparked by our visuals for the project area drawn based on ideas collected from previous workshops!


Master plan showing the impact and level of transformation that everyone’s ideas could possibly bring to the project area.


Locals are the true experts after all- our Urban designer Chris amazed by everyone’s ideas.


Sara, tying the luggage label with her comments about the designs on the cargo bike.


Everyone’s comment labels adding more colour and character to the amazing bikes from Comfy Saddle.


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