Pocket Park

Hello all!

Did you see the three parking bays opposite Sammy-G’s on London Road (outside Nazareth House) converted into a mini park last Friday, 20th September 2013 ?

For those who couldn’t join us that day and are wondering what we were up to- we were trialing one of the ideas that you all had put forward in the previous community events of having increased green spaces along the streets. We thought what better way to try this than by celebrating PARK(ing) Day! Started in 2005, PARK(ing) Day is an annual worldwide event where artists, designers and citizens transform parking spots into temporary public parks. So there we were with grass turf covering the parking bay, lots of beautiful planter, cafe tables and chairs and lots of free sandwiches and tea/coffee to share with everyone.

The weather was kind and the place was buzzing with excitement. Thank you to everyone who joined us and shared their feedback, stories and most importantly their time.



Pocket Park 020

Pocket Park 002 AFTER
Our Pocket Park complete with a big sign welcoming one and all!

Pocket Park 036

Lovely sunny day to lounge around outside!

Pocket Park 031

Need a moment to rest on your way into town/work/home? Just sit and relax at our Pocket park!

Pocket Park 040

No need to go out of your way to find somewhere to sit and chat. Pocket Park became a little oasis where mums, kids, shoppers, employee, shop owners, cyclists, pedestrians etc stopped to break their otherwise mundane long journeys.

Pocket Park 044

Kids just add fun and life to any places. Why should streets force them to hide behind their parents?! Pocket Park- a perfect place for a pit stop after school!

Pocket Park 043

More activities, more fun.

Pocket Park 054

Places are what people make of them!

Pocket Park 042

Streets are the only public spaces that we use everyday. We all do.

Pocket Park 034

Transformations are easy. All you need to do is believe in your vision.

Pocket Park 047

Feedback is valuable. It lets us know if our efforts are bringing us closer to everyone’s vision. Do let us know what you think!

Pocket Park 062

So many lovely ideas and lots of support. Thank you everyone.

Pocket Park 064

Origami birds, each with an idea/comment, completing our Pocket Park.

Pocket Park 058

Adding colour, life and activity to our streets.


4 thoughts on “Pocket Park

  1. Just, Wow! This looks incredible – what a great use of a relatively small piece of land. So colourful and fun. I’d certainly like to sit down and have a coffee there.

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