Pocket Places Design Plans

We are very excited to announce that Southend-on-Sea Borough Council has started implementing plans for greening Victoria Gateway (public space outside Southend Victoria Station) and creating a ‘ Pocket Park’ at Boston Avenue-Queensway junction.

We would like to thank everyone for participating in our community engagement sessions, design workshops and events. Your ideas, suggestions and regular feedback helped us arrive at designs for these ‘pocket places’ that we believe will create a welcoming, friendly and vibrant atmosphere in the area. We hope to see you all walking, cycling and enjoying your neighbourhood.

Design plan for Victoria Gateway

More trees, green areas and seating will be created at Victoria Gateway to improve the public space and create a more welcoming experience including opportunities for community style events. New lighting will be installed and access to and from the High Street will be clearer and more defined.

Blog_drawing A3 (1)

To zoom in please click on the image.

This is an artist’s impression from a viewpoint at eye level outside Southend Victoria Station. It was drawn up to assist discussions with the community during public engagement sessions organised as a part of the Pocket Places project. The final plan has been adjusted due to underground services existing on site but this image is representative of the appearance of Victoria Gateway after the completion of the scheme.

Design plan for Boston Avenue

At the Boston Avenue junction with Queensway there will be a ‘Pocket Park ’ for the community to enjoy, with activities for children and landscaped areas for local residents to grow flowers and fruit and vegetables. There will also be improved connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists.


To zoom in please click on the image.


Get in touch if you would like share your gardening skills, learn some or just to join in the fun!

We will be starting a regular newsletter to keep you updated through the construction phase. If you would like to sign up to receive the newsletter, please leave a comment.


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